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Golf Swing Analyzer

Our golf swing analyzer gives accurate data after every shot and is stored in the Shot Tracker, which is averaged by club. Your golf swing analyzer records the club head speed at impact, the face angle, open or closed at impact, the path, inside out or outside in, draw or fade, the rotation, last inch of club face before impact, impact point, the tempo of back swing, ball speed and the carry, total distance. Your golf swing analyzer can also measure the launch angle of the ball. The realistic Facetrac animations (woods or irons) show visually how the club contacted the ball. Whether you’re in 18 hole course play, driving range or contest modes, the integrated golf swing analyzer will display after every shot.

Our golf simulator rentals can make your event a hit. Exhibiting at tradeshows can cost thousands of dollars for booth space alone. Companies are always seeking ways to be the most popular and upscale attraction. Business and golf simulator rentals go hand-in-hand. Player demographics are excellent for marketing to decision makers. So why gamble on other promotional ideas? Our virtual reality golf simulator rentals allow exhibitors to attract and keep customers during that important presentation or sale. Our projectors place you right on the tee, move you to the fairways or rough and get you to the green. Computer systems detect the ball's speed, trajectory and spin. While set up at your tradeshow our golf simulator rentals are great for networking.

Why not use a golf simulator rental at your next event? In today's competitive market, the slightest edge can make the difference. Providing hours of fun to your group from those young and old, males and females will truly enjoy practicing on a golf simulator rental from our vast array of simulators. Our innovative idea will provide entertainment and excitement from the show's start to finish. Prizes and demonstrations are always a big hit. You can use your golf simulator rental at your next tradeshow, corporate or private party, fundraiser or charity event, grand opening, sporting event and much more. Get remembered at your next trade show with your DeadSolid golf simulator rental.

Our indoor golf simulator offers you a whole new concept in the game. With our highly advanced indoor golf simulator, you can play eighteen holes completely indoors. Using standard game equipment, you can play the worlds finest courses. You can relax with friends and associates in a spacious, country club style setting. Our 5,000 sq. ft. facility offers you access to practice on one of our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator. You can arrange private parties and corporate events in our facility. WE have leagues and tournaments and offer private or group lessons and club rentals. Group rates are available; walk-ins are always welcome. Use every club in your bag while hitting real golf balls into our full-view screened indoor golf simulator.

We have been in the golf simulators business for over eight years and our experienced and professional staff guarantees you a successful and fun filled event. With our golf simulators service we offer setup, professional show management and disassembly for the entire show, all you do is set the time and the place it can’t get much easier than that. Our years of experience working with golf simulators have also provided us with an extensive list of customers where we have participated in many major events and promotions sponsored by TV and national companies. The projectors place you right on the tee, move you through the fairways and get you right to the green on our golf simulators.

A complete golf simulator unit setup and an attendant are provided with each product rental. The golf simulator system features a truly impressive large picture projection screen image of the course or driving range. The dimensions of the simulator are 10 by 10 by 10, if your area is not large enough to accommodate a full-size golf simulator ask your representative about the smaller hitting net. Because of years of careful planning our systems include innovative features others lack that provide your unit with flexibility for future technology, Our multimedia platform is workstation powerful, not just a mere home computer using a store bought desktop golf simulator computer driven game.