leaderboard contest

Our custom software tracks each participant and shows the top 10 after every contest. This keeps your customers coming back to check their status.

Closest to Pin Contest

Closest to the pin contest

Closest to Pin contests allow golfers of different skill levels to have a chance to get a hole in one. Choose from the easy and fun 100 yard hole featuring and island green, or the more challenging 150 yard hole. A leaderboard displays the winners.

Longest Drive Contest

"Grip'it and Rip it." Long Drive contests always attract a crowd. The excitement generated is magnetic. People just walking by will want to take a swing. Multiple databases allow you to run a contest for a day or ongoing competitions all year.

Lunar Long Drive Contest

Like Apollo 14's astronauts, you can see your shots fly in 1/6 gravity in the Lunar Long Drive. Be the biggest hitter in the universe!